Milan Svoboda

Composer, conductor, band leader, jazz pianist

Milan Svoboda Quartet

March 8, 2018 21:00

Praha, U malého Glena

Milan Svoboda Big Band

February 25, 2018 21:30

Praha, Reduta Jazz Club

Milan Svoboda Piano Solo

Milan Svoboda - Jiří Bárta Duo

Milan Svoboda Sextet

Prague JJ Conservatory Jazz Orchestra

March 15, 2018 19:00

Praha, Reduta Jazz Club

Cimrman v říši hudby

March 18, 2018 19:00

Praha, Divadlo Járy Cimrmana

MS & Symphony orchestra

Milan Svoboda - Michal Gera Duo


Milan Svoboda began conducting already in 1974 when he founded his first orchestra - the Prague Big Band which he continues to conduct till today. Besides playing live concerts with this group, he gained further experience as a conductor in studio sessions mostly recording stage and film music with ensembles ranging from chamber to symphonic orchestra. In the years 1985 to 1988 Svoboda was conductor and bandleader of the Czech - Polish Big Band and between 2006 and 2008 he conducted and lead the Rudolfinum Jazz Orchestra which consisted of members of the Czech Philharmonic alongside prominent jazz musicians. Milan Svoboda is also often invited as a visiting conductor of jazz orchestras abroad, to conduct e.g. European East West Jazz Orchestra Dortmund, Jugend-Jazzorchester Sachsen. He also does jazz workshops (e.g. in Leverkusen, Dortmund, Iserlohn, Musikhochschule Dresden, Arnsberg).

Svoboda's interest in musicals lead him to compose his own musical named "Pěna dní" (Froth on a Daydream) which was produced by the ABC theater in Prague. Svoboda was music director and conductor of the orchestra during the show. As a conductor Svoboda subsequently collaborated in large musical productions including "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Evita" and "Les Misérables". In a studio setting he conducted the National Theater Symphonic Orchestra in 1996 while recording his full-length ballet music "Mowgli".

Svoboda's enthusiasm for working with symphony orchestras grew after the year 2000. For his presentation concert in Prague's Rudolfinum in 2001 he rehearsed and premiered his symphonic "Mowgli Ballet Suite" with a large orchestra. In the following years he had the opportunity to perform and conduct the mentioned composition together with other compositions he wrote including "Concerto grosso" and "Three Pieces for Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Quartet" with numerous prominent Czech symphony orchestras, such as the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra in Olomouc, the North Czech Philharmonic in Teplice, Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra and Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra. Svoboda investigated piano conducting in Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" with the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra and Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra while playing the solo piano part. In 2004 during the Ludwig van Beethoven festival Svoboda rehearsed and conducted the premiere of Vladimír Franz's Symphony no.1 alongside Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D major with the North Czech Philharmonic in Teplice.

Since 2010 Svoboda is a member of "Divadlo Járy Cimrmana" (Jára Cimrman Theater). He regularly acts the role of a professor and conductor in "Cimrman v říši hudby" (Cimrman in the World of Music).

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Na Hajensku 183, 252 02 - Jiloviste, Czech Republic
Tel.: 420 / 257 730 176
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